ᐉ The 10 Best Immigration Lawyers [ 2023 ]

We have the best immigration lawyers in the United States in this directory, we know how many people go through immigration problems daily, due to many situations that are not understood by the authorities, but one of the reasons why this directory of lawyers was created , is to be able to provide accurate information that can help us know how to proceed in the different scenarios that we suffer as immigrants.

Immigration Lawyer Directory

There are many immigration firms in the different most important cities of countries such as the United States, Mexico, Canada , here we will show you some cities and data so that you can find the best immigration lawyers :

What is an immigration lawyer?

Lawyers who are experts in migration , immigration or foreigners are professionals who specialize in immigration procedures for people residing in countries with the highest immigration rates, such as the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Kingdom of Spain and the People's Republic of China . This is due to many factors since there are different nationalities that are immersed in cities with a high degree of development and employment.

He is an expert in the legal regulations that affect the status of foreign citizens in the different countries mentioned above.

The globalization of the world's economy has significantly influenced the movement of citizens between countries, giving rise to migration processes between different countries and regions motivated by the search for work, professional development, or higher studies . So a lawyer can specialize in the rights of a migrant, and know all the possible cases in which they need advice to improve their status in the country that welcomes them, and comply with all the requirements, resolve any legal problem.

Where do I find an immigration lawyer near me?

It is difficult to find immigration lawyers near me , well no, since there are many law firms in each city such as  Texas ,  New York , but there is always the question of how much they will charge? If they serve you correctly, if they have enough experience in migration issues, all these factors are very important, even the language they speak, since sometimes an extra expense for a translator is necessary. So if you are looking for immigration lawyers near me , or immigration lawyer near me , immigration lawyer near me , you are on the right website.

It is for this reason that here we will provide you with a complete list of lawyers, immigration lawyers and immigration lawyers with information such as exact address, telephone numbers, and maps so that you can quickly and easily find a lawyer near you. In the various cities of the country you find several options for immigration lawyers , with legal studies, always keep in mind that the majority offer you a free initial consultation, so you can ask your questions from the beginning, take advantage of this opportunity to find out what options you have to deal with the immigration problem you face.

The 10 best immigration lawyers in the US

We are going to name the best immigration lawyers currently in the USA based on our experience:

  1. Immigration Attorney Melissa Contreras
  2. Faustino Larrea Immigration Lawyer
  3. The Law Office of Armand Jawanmardi
  4. Progresso Legal Group, P.C.
  5. Jaime Barron P.C.
  6. Law Office of Jesus Reyes
  7. Law Offices Of Violeta Delgado
  8. Herrera Law Firm
  9. Kostiv & Associates PC
  10. Advocates Immigration Lawyers

Many people always tell us I need a good immigration lawyer , so, if you want to find an available lawyer, you can review our sections


Free Immigrant Lawyers

If you are looking for a free immigration lawyer for any immigration process , we tell you that most immigration lawyers give you a free initial consultation, so if you are looking for immigration lawyers free consultation near me , then this may interest you,

First you must identify the type of problem you have, what evidence, requirements and other papers are necessary to be able to handle your case, and to be able to give you options to be able to solve your immigration problems. Note that there are also immigration lawyers for free consultations by phone, because with the events that occurred in the pandemic, many professionals chose to use different media to provide their services.

For this reason, we recommend that you have all your documents at hand, and prepare to clearly explain the situation in which you find yourself. Depending on the experience of your lawyer and the laws that govern your state, you will be able to see how to proceed and receive appropriate guidance to know what steps to follow.

So if you are looking for immigration lawyers free consultation near me , or an immigration lawyer , free immigration lawyers , we have a list of some professionals who can help you.

Why hire an immigration lawyer?

An immigration attorney can be of great help to those who are not familiar with how immigration laws work or have not made an application to the United States government. A good immigration attorney can help you make a compelling case for your visa and will also help you get your approval faster. It is quite easy to obtain immigrant lawyers, you can easily find them through our website or you can even ask friends and family for recommendations.

If you consult with immigration lawyers , you can be sure that your case is correctly represented. To obtain the best possible representation, a client may have a much better chance of obtaining a visa if he is represented by a specialist. The fees charged by lawyers vary depending on the service they provide, but you can always find one that is affordable for you.

The Internet is full of buffet ads for immigration lawyers , qualified immigration lawyers, who offer to provide immigration services. These ads or banners may seem very legitimate, but it is always good to check before making a contract.

One of the most common scams involving immigrants is that the lawyer asks you to send money to his office and provide him with all the information about your case so that he can represent you in  Immigration Court .

Although it is legal to pay an attorney for their services, it is illegal to pay someone to represent you in Immigration Court . That is why it is very important to have sufficient information before scheduling your appointment with a lawyer in cases of immigration problems.

How much does an immigration lawyer charge in the United States?

The fees of an immigration lawyer in the United States can vary significantly depending on several factors, such as the city where they are located, the complexity of the case, the experience of the lawyer and the type of services you are looking for. In general, immigration attorney fees can be structured in several ways:


  • Flat fee : In this case, the attorney charges a one-time fee for a specific service, such as preparing and filing a visa or adjustment of status application.
  • Hourly Fee : Some attorneys charge by the hour, meaning they will bill you based on the amount of time they spend on your case. Hourly rates can vary widely depending on the attorney's experience and region.
  • Contingency fee : This type of fee is less common in immigration cases, but in some cases, the attorney may agree to receive a percentage of any compensation you may receive, such as in asylum or deportation cases.
  • Mixed fee : Attorneys may sometimes use a combination of flat and hourly fees, especially if the case involves multiple stages.

Immigration attorney fees can range from a few hundred dollars for very basic services to several thousand dollars for more complex cases involving appeals, defense in deportation proceedings, or representation in asylum cases.

On average, you could pay between $1,500 and $5,000 or more for the services of an immigration attorney in typical cases. However, it is important to request a clear, written quote before committing to any attorney and understand exactly what services are included in the fee.

Remember that the initial consultation with an attorney is usually free in many cases, and this is an opportunity to discuss your situation, understand the potential costs, and make an informed decision about how to proceed.

How do you know how to choose a good immigration lawyer?

First you have to know how to differentiate the types of people who can help us, as we know, it is not necessary to have a visa processor, but it is necessary to have a good immigration lawyer , because it is very necessary to have the experience of a professional. that you know the laws and regulations that govern the state or city that we are in, many times we think that it may be an unnecessary expense , but we must also seek advice on issues that we do not know so as not to make mistakes and fail to comply with necessary requirements that may benefit us.

Remember that when faced with a migration problem, you will always be presented with options that you may not be looking for, such as notaries, or other people who offer you quick but not secure solutions, which will only make you waste your money and time, since you are not sure of that will really help you, they can only delay the process but not solve it, so it is always good to look for the best solution yourself.

We recommend that you always search among the different options of professionals that exist near you, not all of them have the same procedure and knowledge, but you can also ask for references, always look for the help to be direct, not through third parties, and always be sincere in everything you plan to request.

In what cases can a lawyer help you in the immigration process?

The most common cases before the law are detentions for immigration cases, in this case the best immigration law firms can help you through an interview to request an I-589 asylum application .

There are also custody hearings , and they can help you have the reason for your custody re-evaluated, you can get bail hearings, parole, and also file a request for suspension of expulsion  from the country .

It is very important to clearly explain the case in which we find ourselves, the real conditions in which we are so that the immigration lawyers can provide us with precise help according to what we need. Help can also be received with status applications such as the I-130 petition for foreign relatives.

N-400 citizenship applications , also advance parole applications for DACA holders.