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Welcome to all people, whether they are immigrants or not, on this website we will share different topics about migration, immigration, which is very common in our countries due to the series of problems that arise.

Types of migrations

Time migration

It can be  temporary  or  permanent , this depends a lot on the situation and the reason that causes this action, for example one can go to study in another country or capital city, due to the best type of teaching, once you have completed your studies, you can return to your city or country of origin, or stay even longer if you find a job or perhaps fell in love ;).

Migration according to its character

They can be forced or voluntary, one is not free from a city or country where there is too much crime or risk to life, so you must make a decision to migrate forcefully to safeguard your life and that of your family. Voluntarily, one can travel to look for a better job or a better job opportunity.

Migration according to destination

It can be a national or international migration, this depends a lot on the economic possibilities we have, since traveling to another country generates many expenses and procedures, the most common migration is local, since one can simply travel to another city and find better opportunities, it does not require many expenses and most importantly, you can quickly count on the support of your family.

Causes of migration

There are different causes of migration, all of them are very personal because we do not all experience the same events, but you can find different nationalities in a single country.

Family reasons

It is one of the most common reasons, since there are many factors that influence a decision to migrate, going to visit a family member who is far from us, searching for a better education for our children.

Political Reasons

Mostly people very close to political parties or political thoughts must emigrate to another place for fear of reprisals. This occurs due to the persecution that is created when there is a change of government and political revenge is sought between parties or people. It also happens in countries where the type of government does not allow people to get ahead, where there is a dictator regime that is definitely not sustainable.

Cultural Reasons

There are many countries and cities rich in culture, a very attractive reason for many to visit or live in these areas, since it is a different environment than what we are used to, there are cities with a culture that is related to many of our customs, and that does not We find ourselves in our own place, which is why many people choose to travel.

Socioeconomic Reasons

Another of the most popular reasons among most people is to look for a job or business opportunity in another country. Due to the great demand that exists, it is much better for some to start a business in a highly populated city, with people with greater purchasing power, where it is profitable to work, and also set up a business.

Cause war or conflict

This happens mostly in countries where there are wars, fights for power, and it is impossible to find peace, many people simply choose to leave everything and go to seek refuge in a closer country, it is one of the most tragic reasons why many take the decision to migrate, but they always put the right to survive first.

Health Reasons

There are cities where they do not have the capacity for medical advancement necessary to treat many diseases, which is why many people choose to travel to cities where there are new methods, specialists, and better medical equipment, which can save lives and cure diseases. It is also possible that many people are allergic to some climate, so they choose to look for a place where it does not directly affect their health.